Who is StoreSeven?

  • We are an online store offering common products that you may use or see every day. From paper products to door hinges to sponges and other household items, products are priced at 40% - 80% off original retail prices! We don’t have a physical store or a fancy website, but that is what helps keep our prices low. By eliminating these unnecessary costs, we are able to pass huge savings over to our customers. Great news for you!

From where do StoreSeven products ship?

  • We have third party warehouses around the country that ship our products. We ship your products from the warehouse with the product that is closest to your shipping address.

So what’s with the name StoreSeven?

  • Naming a business is like naming a child, but can be even more difficult because you can't share names. At the time of the website creation, the setup in our accounting system was listed as store number seven. After seeing that, and after doing a thorough trademark search, StoreSeven.com was born.

How long has StoreSeven been around?

  • StoreSeven.com was founded in 2006 as a paper company selling Tork brand products. StoreSeven.com has evolved into a company selling over 100 brands of products used by millions of people every day.
  • Operations were merged with another online company, Auto Parts and Stuff, to combine resources and expand the offerings.
  • In 2018, these companies, along with two other online companies, were merged under the parent company, S&H RedBrick, LLC.

How do I speak to someone at StoreSeven?

  • To keep our prices low, we don't have anyone answering phone calls. However, if you email us or leave us a voicemail, please include your email address so we can reach out as quickly as possible. For the fastest service, please email us at [email protected].
  • Visit our Contact us page for more information on office hours and contact information.

Thanks for visiting our store!

The StoreSeven Team